Magic Kingdom Village

The plan to build a independent feudal village.

Magic Kingdom Village.

The Magic Kingdom Village will be an independent feudal village. Which will be built some where in the world. It will be safe place to practice Western Traditional Magic and Culture. Free from the evil in the world. My goal is to raise enough money for the construction costs myself. For more information read more below. Also see the Youtube channel Magic Television. Which features the video The Magic Kingdom Village, Magic History videos, my martial arts and my magic.

Magic Kingdom Village Ideals.

The core beliefs are the following Individualism, Isolationism, Traditionalism, State Capitalism, Revised Mercantilism. The belief in magic and preservation of Traditional Magic Culture and Western Paganism.

Magic Kingdom Traditional Values.

Discipline, acting with dignity, honour and treating others with respect. Personal freedom and independence.

Magic Kingdom Culture.

Predominant cultures: Individualism, Traditional Magic Culture and Greek/Roman Culture.

Minor elements of other cultures: Traditionalist Culture and other Western Pagan Cultures.

The Village.

The village will be a combination of the ancient and modern. It will be a place where you can be who you really are. It will be a safe place. Free from crime, corruption and poverty. The water and food will be clean. The environment will be taken care of. People will treat each other with respect.

Brief description of the layout of the village.

The Village will hopefully eventually come with the following, if I can afford it.

Inner Castle Keep (which will be the town/community center).

Magic School.

Pagan Temple.

The centre of the village will have a castle keep which will be the community/village center and a shelter in an emergency. Leading up to the gate way of the castle keep will be a place for stores. Surrounding that will be a place for houses. Surrounding the houses will be farmland, magic training field and a nature reserve. Buildings will be in the style of Traditional Magic Culture and Greek/Roman Culture. For more information see The Magic Kingdom Village video on Magic Television.

Note: All that I have mentioned, is the current plan. Things could change over time but general theme will remain the same.

The Prophesy.

The world is getting consumed by evil and it will only get worse. The village will be a shelter and a place of safety, if the worst happens.

The reason I am doing this.

I am disenfranchised with the modern world. I feel as though I am forced to be someone I am not. Pagans and people who believe in magic are marginalized cultures in the modern world. Although I am happy inside myself, being a magic practitioner and martial arts expert. When I look outward at the world, I am not happy with what I see. I want to live in a place where I can practice and express my religious beliefs freely. Even if I am the only person in the village. I will be truly happy.

Questions you may have or I usually get asked.

Who are you?

I am a Magic Practitioner/Sorcerer and Kung Fu Master. Former Taoist and current Wiccan Greek/Roman Polytheist(I worship Magic and the Greek Gods). See my martial arts and magic on Magic Television.

Can you teach me some magic?

I currently don't have time for any students. That will change when the village is built.

How much money do you want?

None. There is the option of donating but I am going to try to raise the money myself.

Is there a weird initiation ritual?


If I joined, will I have to kiss up to any one?

No. Any one who lives in the village will treat other villager as equals and with respect.

What are you I doing now?

I am raising money and traveling to find a place to build the village.

Are you lying?

No. I have taken a Truthsayer Oath. Which is an oath to always tell the truth, unless I or some one else is endanger. To see a record of my oath, see it on Magic Television.

Is this plan to build a village unrealistic?

I don't think it is. There are Christian, Environmentalist, Communist and other communes and villages across the world. It has been done by others before. It will be difficult but not impossible.

I want to talk to you or support you?

Feel free to message via email, YouTube or Twitter.

OOW 1/2017, Updated 7/2019

The Order of witchcraft

The Order of witchcraft